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...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?
3rd daughter blethered on @ 10:52:00 pm    


[i'm bill weasley]

Congrats! You're Gryffindor alumnus Bill Weasley!

You know you're cool when even the kid who defeated Voldemort thinks so. You have a disposition that attracts people to you as friends and allies. And it's not just your outward appearance - under all your coolness, you're smart enough to be Head Boy/Girl, too.

(Your moment of glory - so far, at least - came in Goblet of Fire when Harry Potter declared your undeniable ponytail-wearing cool factor.)

...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?

having read none of the books and only watched the second movie (i slept through the first...), i don't have much of an idea about harry potter but i like the result anyway. thanks shirl!

read this first!

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