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Which of the 5 senses are you most connected to?
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Sound. You are most connected to your sense of
hearing. You pay attention to coincedences in
life, which will come in handy in the future.
You probably love listening to music on the
radio, on your IPod, or on Launch... That's
great! I like to do that too! All you want is a
stable life... either you have moved around
alot in your lifetime, or are just fed up with
the way you life takes it's course (don't
worry, most of us are like that too) You think
before you speak most likely, which is a good
quality to have. But you are not content with
life, and have many things in mind that you
would have liked to change. But, things will
get better in the future, trust me. Anyway,
feel free to rate or message if you can!

~Which of the 5 senses are you most connected to?~ (with... you guessed it! Anime pics.)
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