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  1. My name is Susan.

  2. My middle name is Fay.

  3. I am currently 42 43 years old.

  4. People don't believe me when I tell them my age. They always think I am younger... 8-)

  5. My DOB is June 24th, 1961.

  6. Only days until then!

  7. I have dark brown hair.

  8. It is slowly quickly going grey. 8-(

  9. I chemically enhance my hair colour on a regular basis. 8-)

  10. I have dark brown eyes.

  11. I am extremely short sighted.

  12. I wear glasses to correct this.

  13. I also wear contact lenses.

  14. But not at the same time.

  15. I am 5' 4" tall [short? 8-) ].

  16. That's about 165cm in the metric world.

  17. I often wish I was taller.

  18. I have never been married.

  19. I did live with someone for 8.5 years.

  20. That is another story which wont be told here.

  21. I have 2 sisters. I am the youngest.

  22. They are both married.

  23. Between them, they have 5 children.

  24. Two nephews, three nieces.

  25. I have no children.

  26. After a life spent denying my maternal instincts, I have finally decided that I would like to have a child, but fear I have left it too late...

  27. My friends are having children, so I can love theirs instead.

  28. I work as a customer service consultant, which means I spend my day talking to people. superannuation employer accounts administrator - i still spend a fair bit of my day talking to people but i am not tied to my desk by my headset...

  29. The company I work for is described as a superannuation administrator.

  30. I think i like my job.

  31. It still does not pay enough.

  32. I'm happier in this job than I have been in any previous job, which makes up for the lack of dollars.

  33. I have been in this job for 1 year with this company for two years on October 21st, 2003 2004 and in my current position since june 1st, 2004.

  34. I have previously worked in the IT industry as a data entry operator,

  35. a computer operator,

  36. a programmer (but that sucked - mmm... COBOL - i was not very good at it...),

  37. an operations/production support person.

  38. I would not work in the IT industry again.

  39. Data entry is a good skill to have - it is useful for temporary positions between jobs to keep the cash flowing.

  40. I did not finish high school.

  41. I live alone (by choice and by circumstance) in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

  42. I think it is the most beautiful city in the world, but i'm biased.

  43. I have lived here my whole life but have travelled a little bit.

  44. 1984 - Philippines (Manila), Hong Kong, Singapore - 2 weeks Oct/Nov

  45. 1989 - New Zealand (South Island tour and a few days in Wellington) - 2 weeks May

  46. 1990 - USA/London - 3 months June-Sept
    Hawaii - 2 hours at Honolulu airport to do the immigration tango.
    Los Angeles - a 6 hour stopover at the aiport, awaiting a flight to New York.
    New York - 1.5 days with world's worst travelling companion which made it a nightmare...
    London - 3 months staying with friends drinking vodka and lambrusco.
    Moscow - an interesting night/day stopover on way home - very disorganised but lotsa fun.
    Bombay - airport for 2 hours - very bloody hot and humid and you have to pay a gold coin per square of toilet tissue which you then waste trying to clean the seat - (hint: take tissues - lots of them...)
    Kuala Lumpur - another quick stop - about 1 hour. Used the bathroom there as the ONE on the plane was disgusting...

  47. 1993 - London/Paris
    London - 6 months - June-Dec - with the aforementioned person in number 19 while he was working there.
    Paris - a dirty weekend to celebrate his birthday.

  48. 1999 - the 6 week grand European tour (again with Mr 19) - Oct/Nov
    London - for one week to visit K & C in Kent and to eat at The River Cafe and Neal Street Restuarant (where we got to meet and talk to Mr Carluccio!!) Both restaurants were highly expensive in terms of Pacific Pesos, but well worth a visit if you can afford it... (Our visit was pre Euro and both lunches cost over 100 pounds...)
    Brussels - 3 days - Caught Eurostar from Waterloo through the chunnel - much fun. If you ever go to Brussels, make sure you have a meal here - excellent...
    Amsterdam - 3 days - where we did not visit any brown cafes but the red light district was a hoot.
    South of France - Met up with F & J in Lyon, leased a nice new Renault Laguna and went via Aix en Provence and the French Riviera to:
    Italy - spent 2 weeks staying here in an old house in a little hill town called Valdottavo somewhere north of Lucca. The house is highly recommended if you have a decent car that can make the trip up the very steep, narrow hill road from Valdottavo. From our base we drove or got the train to Florence, Pisa, Siena, Modena, Parma, Turin etc. - I LOVE ITALY!!! From there we went to:
    Switzerland - just one night in Lausanne on the way back to:
    France - through Chablis, Loire Valley, Auxerre, Auxonne, Tours, Orleans, Chartres back to :
    Paris - 1 week in this apartment right near the Louvre. Fabulous... Another highly recommended place to stay. If there are enough people sharing the cost, it can work out much cheaper than staying in a hotel.

  49. I'd love to travel more but cannot afford it at this point in time. 8-(

  50. I have a small tattoo of a ladybird on my right shoulder. I was inked on 6th July 1996.

  51. Her name is Lydia...

  52. ...the tattooed ladybird (a salute to the great Groucho Marx.)

  53. I only have my ears pierced (twice each).

  54. I could not imagine having any other body parts pierced.

  55. Except for maybe a small stud in my nose, but don't think it will happen.

  56. I collect ladybird items.

  57. DON'T ask me to count how many things ladybird that I have - IMPOSSIBLE...

  58. I am an avid reader, but sadly, I'm not reading much at the moment.

  59. Currently reading 'The Point' by Marion Halligan - my favourite Australian author. 'a prayer for owen meany' by john irving - it is a slow process but i am getting there...

  60. I also enjoy the scribblings of Irvine Welsh, Bill Bryson, George Orwell, Dorothy Parker, Kurt Vonnegut, Iain Banks (without the M.), trashy novel writers (e.g. Jackie Collins).

  61. I do not and will not read Mills & Boon bodice rippers or Sci-Fi.

  62. This list is harder than I thought it would be...

  63. I listen to a wide variety of music.

  64. I am currently mildly obsessed by New Order and Sarah Mclachlan snow patrol and doves.

  65. I loooove 80's British pop. The CD currently (10:22am Sunday October 12th 2003) (2:05pm Thursday July 15th 2004) in my player discman is Greatest Hits - Duran Duran. the last broadcast : doves, which has nowt at all to do with 80's british pop...

  66. It is not being played at this moment - I have the TV on flicking between Channel [V], MusicMax & MTV. as background noise...

  67. One of my guilty pleasures is having a cup of tea with condensed milk in it... YUM - I think I'll go make one now!! today i think i'll make another one!

  68. I have flown from London to Sydney with Aeroflot (see item 46).

  69. I survived!!

  70. I don't believe in a 'God'.

  71. I have a belief in the spirit world.

  72. My grandmother has visited me twice via the medium at the Spiritualist Church.

  73. There will be no correspondence entered into on this matter. The medium does not know me, the visits were a year apart, she said exactly the same things at both times. The words she said were totally true for me.

  74. I still miss my grandmother - she was a safe haven in troubled times.

  75. I have recently started am still trusting the universe, rather than worrying about what has/will happened.

  76. It appears to be working...

  77. I have big feet.

  78. I wear size 10.5 or 11 shoes (Australian fittings...)

  79. This is my first blog and I think I like it LOVE IT.

  80. I have been on one date with a person I met through an internet dating site. since then, i've met 2 other men through internet dating sites. one was boring, the other is still around...

  81. It was last Friday night. this item no longer has any relevance...

  82. I had fun and I think there will be another... there was another but it did not go any further.

  83. I have just re-read this list after getting this far and realised that I jumped from 25 to 36.

  84. I am now going to have to renumber them.

  85. I'm not going to just insert more because that would interrupt the flow...

  86. I have just remembered that I have a basic knowledge of HTML and can use lists!

  87. Woo hoo - it worked.

  88. Problem now is that I don't know what number I'm up to...

  89. I like to burn incense and candles, but only naturally scented ones.

  90. My favourite perfume is still Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood.

  91. I also wear Gloria by Cacharel, Parfum Sacre by Caron, Wish by Chopard, Panthere by Cartier and Chaumet.

  92. All of these perfumes are expensive, but worth it.

  93. Some perfumes make me physically ill. They smell like rotting cucumbers. I cannot wear them.

  94. I have an Italian Charm Bracelet.

  95. I did not buy it in Italy.

  96. It has my name in gold letters and the charms are: a crab, a ladybird, a moon and a pair of linked purple lovehearts.

  97. My starsign is Cancer, which explains the crab & moon charms.

  98. I do not like being called Sue. I will not answer you if you call me that...

  99. I have a lot of friends.

  100. I have few close friends who know the real me.

  101. next time, i'll just write another 100 list...

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